DIY Decor Using Hobby Lobby Items

Most of you know me as the thrift store queen, but I am changing things up a bit and showing you how to use Hobby Lobby sales items to make unique home decor. But don’t fret, they are still budget-friendly because I only buy items during the 50% off sale.

Did you know you can use Hobby Lobby items to create beautiful home decor by simply incorporating two pieces?  In this DIY tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to make unique home decor using items you can purchase from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale.

When I visited Hobby Lobby the week I completed this tutorial, it was their weekly “Home Decor” sale. This is a great time to get creative! You can find a lot of beautiful pieces for 50% off.

This is a simple DIY project. And, you do not have to use the exact pieces of home decor from Hobby Lobby. Use your imagination, this DIY project is to inspire you. Here is what I picked up.

Hobby Lobby Items

Wooden Flower Whitewashed 

I paid $5.99 for this rustic whitewashed wooden flower. I purchased the last three on the shelves because I loved the white design so much.

White Scalloped Distressed Plate Charger

The price for this plate charger was $6.49 at 50% off.

You will also need hot glue and wood glue.

Master Bathroom Decor

This DIY project would be used in my master bathroom. I have two white wooden shelves hanging above my garden tub. Recently I had purchased several other items but needed one more to feel the shelf space.

I am on a farmhouse craze again. I know it’s probably out-of-date, but I have never followed the trends! This piece would sit against the wall, and compliment my other decor pieces.

Now are ya’ll ready for this amazing makeover?   I promise you it will take all of two minutes. Well, maybe a bit longer, depending on how fast your glue gun heats up!

Steps to Add Wood Flower to Plate Charger

First, I wiped down the plate charger and the flower with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Next, I removed the hangar from the back of the wooden flower.

Next, I placed the flower in the center of the plate charger. I eyeballed it and marked a small dot with a pencil so I would know where to place the center of the flower. But you can certainly use a tape measure if that’s better for you. Sorry, I did not photograph this step!

Once I had the wooden flower in its place, I added wood glue to the entire surface. I added small drops of hot glue here and there and then placed the flower on the plate charger. That’s it!

Super simple, right?

DIYing your decor doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sometimes the simplest DIYs make the prettiest pieces. And, since they are “handmade”, they are unique!

I challenge all of you to visit the Hobby Lobby, pick up a few sales pieces, and create a unique decor for your home. Then head to my Facebook Group and share it with other DIYers! We love seeing new creations. You can also join even if you do not have a project to share.

There are so many items at Hobby Lobby that can be combined to make unique decor. Here are a few ideas. Just remember to purchase any items when they are 50% off.

Take this rustic-looking plate charger and add a white letter to create wall or shelf decor using the letter of your last name.

This white cake stand from Hobby Lobby is perfect for a candle, beads, and greenery! All these can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.

The possibilities are endless in Hobby Lobby! And, I wanted to mention as seasons end, Hobby Lobby has a clearance aisle. While some items are a bit damaged, they can easily be fixed. All you need is a bit of imagination.

The best part is, you will have fun, and save money, all at the same time! I hope this has inspired you to do your own DIY Decor using Hobby Lobby items.

Check out my thrift store makeovers before you leave!

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