Welcome Friends!

You may remember D (the hubby) and I formerly from Christina Faye Repurposed blog! That was my very first blog. I ran the blog for over seven years and decided to take a break. But, I missed it so much so now we are back! I am so thankful for all of your support.

When we are not looking for roadside finds or visiting our local thrift stores, we love watching college football or sitting on the patio listening to 80’s music! GO DAWGS!
My Favorite Quote!

“There is no such thing as trash when you can make it a treasure!”

Christina Woodcock

Why I Love What I Do

A few years back, D (the hubby) and I worked together repurposing, refinishing, and building furniture. I ran the blog for over seven years and just became burned out. I decided due to some health issues at the time to sell my blog (Christina Faye Repurposed). You can still check out our past DIY’s by visiting OhMySander.com. Lucy took over and has been doing an awesome job. I took two years off from DIYing and while it was much needed, I missed it terribly! So, here we are with a brand new blog, but still the same concept. Giving old stuff a new life!

We love the thrill of the hunt when we visit thrift stores and garage sales. You will see us digging to the bottom of a bin to find a treasure! Giving an old piece of furniture or a thrift store item a new life is our passion! D and I love working together creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces that you can add to your home decor and know it was made with love! We encourage you to buy used and DIY your very own unique creations! Not only will it save you money, but your DIY pieces can be cherished and passed down for a lifetime to come. Get out and go junkin’ today! D and Christina

Favorite TV Show


Favorite Drink

Miller Lite

Favorite Food


Favorite paint

Dixie Belle

Favorite pastime

Go Dawgs!

favorite music

The 80’s!