Budget-Friendly Botanical Wall Art

Botanical wall art can add a natural and calming feel to your decor. They can also help bring the outdoors in, creating a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Save money by creating your own budget-friendly botanical wall art.

These prints can be a great way to add some color and texture to your walls, without overwhelming your space. They can be a subtle yet eye-catching addition to any room in your home.

And considering that I do NOT have a green thumb whatsoever (just has my gardener mom) it’s the perfect way to add plant elements to my living space.

My favorite is eucalyptus leaves! Eucalyptus leaves have a unique shape, color, and texture. The leaves are elongated and have a distinct blue-green color, which is so pretty!

However, some of these prints can be a bit pricey! Like these prints from Wayfair at $200.00!

And you should know by now that I am all about saving money when it comes to home decor. Creating your home decor out of thrift store items makes your projects unique and one-of-a-kind!

I decided to make my own, budget-friendly, botanical wall art.

Rub-On Furniture Transfer

I was recently given a Dixie Belle Cotton and Eucalyptus rub-on transfer to try from a friend who purchased it and decided not to use it. The transfer included several sizes of an eucalyptus plant.

A rub-on transfer is a great way to create beautiful DIY home decor. With just a little creativity, you can create stunning wall art that reflects your style. And of course, you could also use a stencil or a circuit machine if you have one. It doesn’t have to be a transfer.

Since our new cottage was smaller than the home we previously lived in, my office space would have to be drastically reduced. Meaning there was not an available room to use. I had to get creative and find a space in our living room area.

My new desk (from Target), which I love, faces a blank wall. To the left of me is the back door to our patio. If I open my blinds, I can see beautiful trees and greenery. That’s when I had the idea to bring that inside and incorporate it somehow into my tiny space.

Deciding on Frames For My Budget-Friendly Botanical Wall Art

After going through my thrift stash, I did not have any frames that were identical or that were large enough for the transfer that I would be using.

However, I did find these 8″ x 12″ pieces of basswood my husband used for one of his projects. These were the perfect size!

For the frame, I decided to use five-gallon paint sticks that I purchased from Lowes for $1.98. I used these wood paint sticks for my hallway piece of wall decor where I thrifted a thrift store frame and gave it a makeover. Check it out by reading, Thrift Store Frame DIY Wall Decor.

The paint sticks were easy to cut down to the size that I needed to frame my basswood. I used a small manual hand saw to cut the paint sticks.

I saved the grip tip portion of the paint sticks because I NEVER throw anything away! Waste not want not is my motto!

Constructing The Frames

One frame took one three-pack of paintsticks. At $1.98, that’s less than $2.00 per frame! I cut them down to 4 total pieces for each wood frame. Two 8″ pieces and two 12″ pieces.

Of course, if you love a more modern look instead of rustic, try to find used picture frames at the thrift store.

After I cut them down to size, I sanded the edges until they were smooth with a piece of 220-grit sandpaper. Correction, D did this step 🙂

Instead of painting the frames, I chose to stain them. I mixed a bit of Special Walnut and Cherry Minwax stain to tone down the red. I wiped on one coat of stain using an old sock. Be sure to wipe any access stain off with your cloth. Otherwise, you will have dripies (is that a word lol)!

Minwax water-based stains are easy to use. All you have to do to apply the stain is wipe it on and wipe the access off. Make sure you use a lint-free cloth.

While waiting for the stain to completely dry, I gave each piece of the precut basswood two coats of Dixie Belle chalkpaint in the color Cotton, allowing each coat to dry for about an hour or so. Here is how the first coat of paint looked:

Assembling the Wood Frames

Once the frame pieces were dried completely, it was time to assemble them.

I used small wood joints to construct the frames, adding one to each corner.

Adding The Eucalyptus Transfer to The Basswood

I placed the eucalyptus transfer into the center of the basswood. Then using my transfer tool, I rubbed gently until the transfer was adhered to the basswood. I eyeballed it, but of course, you can measure your placement. You can also use a credit card for this step.

As you rub, pull your transfer gently up, working in slow sections.

I applied one thin coat of Minwax Polycrylic with a foam brush to seal the transfer.

Attaching the Frame to the Basswood

To attach my botanical base to the frame, I added a few staples to the back of the frame in each corner to hold it in place. You could also use hot glue to give it a bit of extra security. Using staples was simple because the basswood is not very hard wood, it is thin.

I applied a 3M strip to the back of the frames to hang them above my desk.

It made my tiny space look cozy and warm, and did not break the bank!

I encourage you to bring the outdoors in and make your home feel more comfortable and welcoming.

Incorporating natural elements into your home can help connect you to nature, benefiting your mental health and overall mood.

How do you incorporate botanicals into your home? Do you have a green thumb? Give my budget-friendly botanical wall art tutorial a try!

Amazon has greenery rub-on affordable transfers. You do not have to use a furniture transfer for this DIY project. You can use a vinyl decal as well.

Also, remember that your DIY project does not have to be perfect! I believe that little imperfections make your project even more unique.

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