Repurposed Picture Frame Lure Wall Decor

My husband, D, recently started a YouTube channel for his kayak fishing business. He wanted to create a space in our home where he could record his videos and conduct live streams. We decided to use one of the spare bedrooms to set up his office and video-producing space.

A few months ago, we completed a broken dresser project. The dresser was missing drawers, so we repurposed it onto a shelf to use as part of his background. And, he would have a place to display items. The rustic vibe we gave the dresser was perfect for his home office.

While we were putting everything together, I decided to create something for him special from me to use on his shelf.

As we were moving his fishing gear into his office, I noticed he had tons of unused fishing lures in a box. I asked him about the lures and he said he never used them. He stored them in the closet, and I snuck back in and grabbed a few! These would work perfectly for my DIY project. Shhhhhh!

Thrift Store Wood Frame

I found a wooden picture frame at Goodwill for $1.99 still in the plastic wrap. I love purchasing wood frames from the thrift store. They can be used for so many DIY projects. The details on the wood frame were amazing and I knew it would be perfect for my repurposed picture frame lure wall decor.

Frame Makeover

For this frame makeover, I felt that a piece of cork that is used on corkboards would be perfect for the background. It would look so much better than just a plain cardboard background.

I found this sheet of cork at the Hobby Lobby. It was $5.99 but was on sale for 40% off. Normally I have some in my stash, but I recently used the last piece I had for another project.

Repurposed Picture Frame Lure Wall Decor piece of cork and lures.

To cut the cork sheet to the correct size, I used a sharp razor tool. It was easy to work with. The back of the frame had a cardboard backing, so I added that to the back of the cork for more stability.

Now, if you do not have used lures lying around, you can purchase a pack from Amazon that is reasonable or your local fishing gear store.

If you are going for the used look, just lightly sand them with a piece of 220+ sandpaper just to scuff them up a bit.

The Lure Fishing Wall Decor Project

Since my husband’s shelf, desk and chair were black, I decided painting the frame black would compliment his shelf and other fishing decor. My goal was for the frame to look a bit rustic so I felt it should be distressed.

I painted the frame with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in the color Caviar.  It only took two coats.  I then took a piece of 220 grit sandpaper and distressed the frame so that some of the wood would peek through. 

Repurposed Picture Frame Lure Wall Decor painted black and distressed.

I love the way the wood compliments the black paint and gives the frame a rustic look! After wiping off the dust, I then sprayed one coat of Polyacrylic to seal the paint (outside).

Add the cork sheet to the back of the frame. I also used the piece of cardboard backing that came with the frame to secure the cork.

Attaching The Fishing Lures

Place your lures on the cork. You can place them however you would like them.

Repurposed Picture Frame Lure Wall Decor placing lures on cork

Note: Be very careful with using fishing lures. The hook portions that hang from the lure itself are sharp! If I had to do this project again, I think I would consider removing the hooks, especially if you have small children.

I used a few dots of hot glue to add my lures to the cork. Be sure that where you place them is where you want the lures to stay, because they can’t be moved without risk of ripping the cork! I planned to use the furniture tacks but I just decided to use hot glue. You can, however, glue two tacks to the back of the lure and then press them into the cork.

As my husband was finishing up his home office, I presented him with his fishing lure wall decor. He loved it!  He now has it hanging on his backdrop wall and he gets lots and lots of compliments. It sits right next to the whiskey bottle that I made look old for him as part of his decor.

repurposed picture frame lure wall decor after

Do you have a special man who fishes?  This would make a great gift!  If you make this DIY fishing lure display, head on back here and share your creation with me in the comments!  I would love to see them.

A little shoutout to the Hubs! If you or someone you know loves to kayak bass fish, head on over to the Hubs website at (stands for Southeast Georgia Kayak Bass Fishing) or you can visit his YouTube channel as well. Thank ya’ll!

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