DIY WIFI Router Box Cover

NOTE:  This DIY WIFI Router box cover DOES NOT affect the way the router box works and it will NOT overheat.   The back is left open and the openings in the metal sheet allow the router to breathe and function normally. 

Let’s face it. We all have one of those ugly router boxes. I have always wondered why somebody wasn’t smart enough to create a decorative one instead of the hideous black ugly box!  Here is what ours looks like….right….blah!

My husband decided to take to Amazon to search for a WIFI box cover. While there were a few “decorative” boxes, they were cheap and ugly-looking. I felt they were a bit closed in and would not allow the WIFI box to obtain the airflow it would need to function properly. So we decided to think about it a bit.

Hobby Lobby Trip

On one of my trips to Hobby Lobby, I was wandering around just browsing all the beautiful items! I always visit the clearance aisle while there. Sometimes, there are some great deals! I came across these decorative metal sheets buried under a few small signs.

The Hubs happened to be with me that day. Sometimes he likes to join my Hobby Lobby adventures! I picked up the metal sheets and showed them to him. We had no idea standing there what we would do with them, but we both thought they were a good value, so we picked up the two packs they had.

The WIFI Router Epiphany

A few nights later, I was lying in bed, wide awake. It’s not unusual for me to wake up at awkward times of the night thinking about random stuff. You know, like how tall are giraffes or wonder what happened to my 1976 Toyota Corolla I used to have back in the 80’s.

For some reason, the WIFI router box popped back into my mind. I pondered trying to figure out some way to hide that monster. Then all of a sudden, it hit me! The metal sheets we found at Hobby Lobby would make the perfect box! And, it would allow airflow! I was so excited, but I still wasn’t sure if it could be done.

The next morning I told the hubs about my idea that came to me at 2:30 AM the night before. He remembered another item we picked up at Hobby Lobby that day because they were on clearance. Several packs of basswood strips. These strips are cheap and they come in handy for a lot of DIY projects! So we always pick some up. They are located back by the restrooms in a wooden cubby box at most Hobby Lobby’s.

We laid the metal sheets and the strips side by side. And there it was! The perfect WIFI router box! It just needed to be assembled. So, I got my supplies together. (This man of mine is SO creative sometimes when I am not haha).

Supplies For Your DIY WIFI Router Box Cover

Gather your supplies before beginning your router box project. You will need:

Krylon Short Cuts Craft Paint in Gloss White (any spray paint will do)

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Decorative Metal Sheet (From Hobby Lobby)

4 Strips of  3/16″ X 3/8″ X 24″ Basswood (From Hobby Lobby)

Tin Snips

Kitchen Knife or Scissors

Before beginning the project, we measured our router box for length, width, and height. Our antennas are on the back of the router box, so we made the box using the height of the antennas. However, the antennas do not go inside the box since ours are on the back.

Construction of the WIFI Router Box

Our router box size is 8” high x 9.75″. The Hubs cut 5 pieces using a kitchen knife (he was too lazy to try to find the scissors) at 8” long and 5 pieces at 9.75” for the construction of the WIFI router box.

Using our Surebonder hot glue gun, he glued the four 4 pieces together to form a square.  You will end up with two squares. We also used a dot of wood glue.

He attached the two squares that he constructed earlier using strips of basswood that measured the same width as our router to form the box.

He then used a pair of tin snips to cut the metal sheets to the appropriate size to fit our box.

Once he had the pieces cut, he glued the metal sheet pieces with hot glue to our wooden square pieces, forming the box.

Finished WIFI Router Box

Here is the box finished. You can see that the back will be completely open, allowing for airflow. The height of the box hides the antennas. Our antennas are on the back, but we did not include them inside the box. We just made the height of the box the same size so they would be hidden.

Now for my part in the project! I spray painted the entire box (outside) with two coats of Krylon Shortcuts in Gloss White. I allowed the spray paint to dry for about an hour or so before adding the second coat. Just make sure it’s not sticky before you add the second coat.

After drying overnight, I applied one coat of Polycrylic to your box to protect the paint finish.

As you can see, the box fits right over your router. The back side is open so it gives the router plenty of airflow. We checked with our internet technician and he approved our project!

The WIFI router box is also easy to remove when you need to get to the router. Simply slide it off! We have had it now for over three years, and no issues whatsoever.

This project cost less than $20 bucks.  If you look on Amazon at similar products, they can go for over $75.00.  An easy craft that will save you tons of money and cover that ugly router box. The best part is, that you can paint it whatever color you choose, or if you like the metal look, leave it as is!

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